Solar concentrators and their benefits

  • Increased productivity.
    The  tracking  system  provides  an  increased  electricity  and heat production throughout the year.
  • Good efficiency.
    By concentrating sunlight current systems can get better efficiency than simple solar cells.
  • More compact.
    At the same power, the plant requires a 50% smaller surface area compared to traditional systems.
  • Reduced footprint.
    It’s  possible  to  install  plants  in  areas  already  used  for other functions, such as parking lots, green areas, roofs, private courtyards and streets.

Why Choose Us

      • We are an high technology Italian company focused in the development and manufacturing of systems based in photovoltaic and thermal solar concentrators since 2008
      • We sell solar concentrators with unique performances, gathering the most compact systems in the market for thermal and electrical production.

What Client’s Say

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