FOCALSTREAM cogenerator

In the Base version, a 13 sqm double stage solar concentrator produces  3  kWp  of  electricity
and  more  than  5  kWp  of  heat, with a combined total output of more than 8 kWp.
More than 75% of the available power is used.
The  Dual  version  has  two mirrors on the same tracker, doubling the collecting surface  and  the  generated  power.
The CSP and HCPVT generator use the same primary mirror, dual tracking platform and controlling HW and SW.
It’s possible to buy a product and then convert it to the other.
To increase the gain, 3 MPPT converters with voltage elevation feature are installed on board.
The HCPVT generator packs more power in less space than traditional  flat  PV  panels,  requiring  circa  half  the  surface  to  generate  the same annual amount of energy.
The  space  savings  is  even  greater  considering  a  single  plant  can  also provide a great amount of heat.

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