FOCUS CSP Thermal Generator

Our CSP concentrating solar plants are designed for the exclusive production of thermal energy.
With a view to single stage, the reflected light is conveyed on a high-efficiency heat exchanger of our porgettazione, that guarantees high performance.
In the Base version, a single-stage reflector 13.7 square meters produces 10.5 kWp of heat energy.
The Dual version, with two reflectors, has double power. The concentrator operates up to over 600 ° C, the limit imposed by also materiali.Dispone of a mechanical precision biaxial for solar tracking.
Motion axes and operating parameters are controlled by the on-board electronics unit, which accounts for the energy produced and has numerous security functions. The plants can be managed remotely via GSM / GPRS radio / UMTS interface.
Thanks to the high efficiency (> 80%) and the wide range of operating temperatures, all thermal applications are feasible: domestic hot water, space heating, cooling and production of cold, drying wood and fodder, desalination, power generation with motors and / or thermal turbines, chemical and industrial processes, district heating systems.